Montreal Old port

In Montreal, there’s a unique feeling to visit your favorite restaurants after undergoing plastic surgery. It’s as if you are visiting them for the first time. That’s what most patients, who have undergone plastic surgery successfully, had to say about their experience of visiting restaurants in Montreal. They even said that no matter how small the surgery was, the happiness to look how you want makes you enjoy the dining experience even more. In fact, they had also recommended the best restaurants in Montreal you should visit if you had plastic surgery recently.

1. Damas

A fire destroyed this restaurant in 2015. But like you, it came back looking even more beautiful than before.

2. Milos

This is a restaurant that delivers the freshest seafood in all of Montreal, something that resonates with your personality after undergoing plastic surgery.

3. Flyjin

Flyjin is a fusion of the cuisines of many countries – Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and China. Do taste the Japanese sakes here as they will keep you light-headed during your visit.

4. Beatrice

Beatrice is the go-to for all Italian-cuisine lovers. With its warm hospitality and luscious cooking, Beatrice will make you want to come back for more.

5. Marcus

This is a restaurant that believes in trying new things with the traditional brasserie. From power breakfasts to late-night cocktails, Marcus is a must-visit for plastic surgery patients to experience something new.

6. Garde Manger

Sitting at the heart of Old Montreal, Garde Manger will take you back to the traditional seafood dishes of Montreal spiked with mouth-watering additions like lobster poutine or jerk crab. It will remind you of appreciating the present compared to what you had experienced in your life earlier.

7. Makro

Known for its tantalizing selection of fish recipes and delicious seafood, Makro won’t disappoint with its quality of food or ambiance.

8. Fish Bone

Fish Bone is a must-visit restaurant for plastic surgery patients who want to put their past behind and move on. It serves unheard seafood dishes and world-class cocktails; a perfect place to have a blast with your friends.

9. Farsides

Want a fusion of Thai and Hawaiian cuisine? The combination itself will make your taste buds restless. Visit Farsides to taste some of the most exquisite Thaiwaiian dishes. With mashup music playing in the background, it creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

10. Le Cathcart

Le Cathcart is a hub for all food-lovers. With 2 cafés, 9 food kiosks, and 3 full-service restaurants, you can hop on to any stall you want to enjoy your meal.

11. Moretti

Moretti celebrates authentic Italian food. The owner believes in redefining the age-old Italian recipes and that makes it a paradise for food-lovers, especially those who can’t stay without eating pizza.

12. Leméac

This restaurant has kept the same menu for over a decade although it has undergone a few structural changes, something that you would be able to relate after undergoing plastic surgery. Try the creole platter here. It’s simply unputdownable!

Plastic surgery patients can often relate to these restaurants deeply because of their history and present conditions. If you want to experience good food and take a dive into your memory lane, don’t skip any of these restaurants during your visit to Montreal.