Young girl taking a selfie

Human culture is always changing and there are many influences that can cause this culture to change. One particular industry that has evolved quite a lot in the last 10 years is plastic surgery, and especially in Montreal. This is because more people are looking to change their appearance and there has been a huge trend in people wanting non invasive or minimally invasive procedures done. There has been a huge rise in the trend of taking selfies for social media and this has resulted in many people wanting particular procedures done so that they can have the perfect face for the perfect selfie photo.

The Angle

Since social media has exploded, many more people are increasingly interested in rhinoplasty. This is so that they can look even better on camera and in photos. In order to look great while taking selfies, the angle in which these photos are taken is extremely important. Unfortunately, selfies have a tendency to make the nose look a bit unshapely and even much larger than it actually is. Even though the nose may appear larger, it isn’t actually so and does not necessarily need surgery to be reshaped. In instances like this, good plastic surgeons will refuse to do rhinoplasty surgery on patients that have perfectly fine noses.

The Procedure

The actual procedure to do rhinoplasty actually differs according to the patient. There are many different techniques and each procedure is customized to the needs of the particular patient. It can help to fix various nose deformities and help to change the aesthetics of the nose. It can fix issues such as uneven nostrils, huge noses, crooked noses, humps on top of the nose etc. After the procedure is completed, a downtime period of at least 2 weeks is necessary so that the swelling can go down and it can heal. In some cases, swelling may last for a few more months. You can expect full healing to be completed by about a year after the procedure and you should see all the swelling go down after 6 months. This is a major procedure and patients need to understand the seriousness of it before going forward.

Will Getting Rhinoplasty Done Help?

Does going under the knife and getting rhinoplasty done actually improve self esteem? The answer to this is dependent on the individual patient and the actual procedure that was done. Unfortunately, there are many people who have unrealistic expectations and they will likely not be as satisfied after the surgery. So, in order to qualify, you will need to have reasonable expectations. However, this is quite challenging for plastic surgeons to determine. With that said, patients that do have realistic expectations will likely be quite satisfied and will experience a greater sense of self esteem and confidence. The benefits of this procedure are truly priceless once the patient is satisfied and happy with how they look.

Are You Ready To Get This Procedure Done?

Once you have read all of the above and are certain that you want to get rhinoplasty and are a suitable candidate, then you need to find the best surgeon. Remember, this type of surgery is quite tricky and you should only select a highly qualified surgeon to do it so that you get the best and most natural results. You should only consider surgeons who have many years of experience doing this procedure and are board certified surgeons.

So, if you don’t know where to start, be sure to call us for a consultation with Dr. Moubayed.