Even though your eyes are programmed to look past your nose, it remains an important part of your face. In fact, a nose can heavily influence the overall appearance of any person. For instance, bigger sized noses can actually change the symmetry of a face. And what about noses that are damaged or deformed in some way? There are people that even struggle with nose imperfection since birth. But this is what a rhinoplasty procedure is for.

More Than A Nose Job

By now you are probably familiar with the term “nose job”. For the most part, the term refers to the cosmetic aspects of rhinoplasty. In other words, a nose job is meant to reshape the nose, specifically to change or enhance your appearance. But rhinoplasty runs deeper than cosmetic procedures. It also allows people to repair or fix defects that usually make it difficult to breathe. So, in more straightforward terms, rhinoplasty can bring back the functionality too.

For years, people have been using cosmetic rhinoplasty to look better. Whether it involves straightening the nose, altering the tip, or even reshaping a crooked nose, there are many options to consider.

The great news is that cosmetic procedures can be also be done while a problem is being fixed. For example, people who suffer from a broken nose will likely need it repaired and reshaped. Because not only does a broken nose complicate your breathing, it looks bad too.

In Search Of The Perfect Nose?

There will always be someone with a nose that you envy. And this is a natural desire, seeing as the person you envy has a nose that really compliments their face. But keep the bigger picture in mind. The nose you envy is going to look very different when placed on your face.

At the end of the day, your nose can only compliment your face if it blends well with the rest of your features. So, take this into account before asking for that same nose you envy. And if you have more questions, you can contact Dr. Moubayed. As a dual board-certified surgeon, you can trust on getting the best advice as well as treatment. More importantly, you can get a nose that fits your face perfectly.