Where Does Preventative Botox Fit Into The Picture?

There are many non-surgical treatments people use to fight wrinkles and fine lines. For obvious reasons, these treatments have only gained popularity as the years passed. But these treatments have also developed to a point where it can help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, such as preventative Botox. And it is true what they say about prevention being better than treatment. In fact, prevention can be better than a cure.

Is It Really Possible For Preventative Botox To Stop Wrinkles From Forming?

In order to understand how preventative botox works, you have to understand how wrinkles and fine lines surface. Due to how facial muscles relax and contract over several years, it naturally causes the skin around these areas to crepe and scrunches up. But a Botox injection from a professional like Dr. Moubayed can stop this process by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that cause the wrinkles. At the very least, Botox can help to significantly reduce the forming of fine lines if it does not stop the process completely. But remember that a single Botox treatment is only effective for a few months. If you want the wrinkles to stay away, routine treatments are necessary.

Does Preventative Botox Really Work?

As explained above, yes, preventative Botox really works. But always remember it is not a permanent solution. The average time people usually wait between treatments is 6 months. So, you can expect two treatments a year if you want to effectively prevent wrinkles and fine lines.