What are the prices for your cosmetic procedures?

The prices below represent general guidelines and may change after a proper consultation. We are presenting them due to popular demand.

Procedure Cost
Mini-facelift 8500$
Facelift 10000$
Upper blepharoplasty 3000$
Lower blepharoplasty 3500$
Temporal brow lift 3000$
Endoscopic forehead/brow lift 6500$
Otoplasty 5000$
Buccal fat reduction 3000$
Submental/chin liposuction 2500$
Facial/chin implant (per implant) 3500$

All prices in Canadian dollars CAD. Taxes (GST and QST) applicable.

What factors account into the price of facial cosmetic surgery?

Here are the most common factors that are accounted for when pricing a procedure:

  • duration and extent of the procedure: the more complex a procedure is, the longer it will take, therefore it will be more expensive
  • surgical or non surgical: in general, minimally invasive procedures are less expensive than surgical procedures
  • primary vs. revision: revision cosmetic surgery is generally more complex and takes longer to perform because of previous scarring that makes surgery longer and more difficult, therefore it will be more difficult
  • the expertise of the surgeon: if your surgeon has a particular expertise in facial cosmetic surgery, they will in general be in higher demand for this procedure and the procedure will be more expensive
  • facility fees: if your surgeon operates in an accredited top-notch facility, the facility fees that are more expensive will be included in the total cost of your procedure
  • cost of materials and implants: if filler material or implants are used, these have a cost and will be accounted for in the price of the procedure
  • anesthesia: if the procedure is performed under general anesthesia for increased comfort
  • the experience of the surgeon: if your surgeon performs facial cosmetic surgery on a regular basis and has performed thousands of cases, they will be more expensive than a novice surgeon
  • newer technologies: the latest technologies used in the operating room have an additional cost

How do I contact Dr. Moubayed for a consultation?

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