What are the costs of minimally invasive procedures in Montreal?

The prices below represent general guidelines and may change after a proper consultation. We are presenting them due to popular demand.

Product Cost
Lip fillers (0.5mL) 325$
Lip fillers (1mL) 650$
Non surgical nose job 650$
Facial fillers (Juvederm, Restylane) (1mL) 650$
Botox, 1 unit 12$
Xeomin, 1 unit 11$
Nuceiva, 1 unit 11$
Dysport, 1 unit 4$
PRP for hair, 1 session 600$
PRP for hair, 3 session package 1600$

All prices in Canadian dollars CAD. Taxes (GST and QST) applicable.

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How do I contact Dr. Moubayed for a consultation?

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