Charitable surgery

For the past few years, Dr. Moubayed has been regularly participating in humanitarian mission trips to provide free of charge surgical care to underserved populations around the world.

So far, he has performed surgery in Peru, Cambodia, Turkey, and Lebanon.

See the video below about our latest surgical mission in Lebanon in 2019.

Overview video of the ENT and head and neck reconstructive mission to Lebanon in 2019
Source: Syrian American Medical Society.

SAMS medical mission flyer

Mission flyer sent out to potential patients beforehand
Source: Syrian American Medical Society.

Working with refugees and displaced populations

During the last two surgical trips, Dr. Moubayed has volunteered with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS). SAMS is a 1400 member organisation working in 6 different countries to provide free of charge medical care to all patients, regardless of religious or political affiliations. In 2017, they have dispersed over 3.5 million medical services.

Refugee child with burn in Syria

Child with facial burn
Source: Syrian American Medical Society

Child with burns to the neck
Source: Syrian American Medical Society

Fundraising and donations

To be able to obtain medical supplies, rent operating facilities in the foreign countries, and hire support staff in the areas where charitable surgery is performed, Dr. Moubayed and his partners organize fundraising activities, online, and in person.

SAMS fundraisers online

Online fundraising for SAMS
Source: Facebook

Fundraising brunch for SAMS
Source: Richmond Restaurant, Montreal

Collaborations and teaching

Dr. Moubayed and his team had the opportunity to teach other surgeons abroad to enable continuity of care while they are not present.

Dr. Moubayed and volunteer surgeons presenting at a national Facial Plastic Surgery conference
Source: AAFPRS Annual Meeting 2019

Dr. Moubayed and other volunteer surgeons presenting to a Head and Neck Surgery Department in Beirut
Source: AUB Medical Center

How do I donate to SAMS?

Click the image below to visit the SAMS website for donations

Syrian American Medical Society

How do I contact Dr. Moubayed for a consultation?

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