How much does rhinoplasty cost in Montreal?

The prices below represent general guidelines and may change after a proper consultation. We are presenting them due to popular demand.

Procedure Cost
Non surgical nose job  650$
Alar base reductions 3 000$
Mini-rhinoplasty (non surgical + alar base red.)  3 650$
Surgical rhinoplasty  8 500$
Cartilage graft  2 400$
Revision rhinoplasty 10 000$
Septoplasty (no cosmetic work) Covered by RAMQ
Functional rhinoplasty (no cosmetic work) Covered by RAMQ

All prices in Canadian dollars CAD. Taxes (GST and QST) applicable.

Female treated with rhinoplasty and alar base reductions to enhance nasal elegance

Female treated with rhinoplasty with alar base reductions to reduce nostril width
Source: Dr. Moubayed’s practice. Photos published with informed written consent of the patient. Not a guarantee of results. Educational purposes only.

Female treated with revision rhinoplasty with rib graft to repair prior surgery performed elsewhere

Female treated with revision septorhinoplasty with rib graft to straighten nose and improve breathing
Source: Dr. Moubayed’s practice. Photos published with informed written consent of the patient. Not a guarantee of results. Educational purposes only.

What factors account into the price of rhinoplasty?

This is probably one of the most common questions we are asked are what factors come into consideration in the price of a rhinoplasty. Here are the most common factors that we examine when pricing a procedure:

  • duration and extent of the procedure: this is probably the most important factor. the more complex a procedure is, the more technical skill it will require, and most importantly, it will take more time
  • surgical or non surgical: non surgical rhinoplasty is less expensive that surgical rhinoplasty as it is performed only using hyaluronic acid fillers (injections) to change the shape of the nose
  • primary vs. revision: revision rhinoplasty is generally more complex and takes longer to perform because of previous scarring that makes surgery harder, and sometimes the need for cartilage grafts from the ear or the rib. Therefore revision surgery is more expensive
  • the expertise of the surgeon: if your surgeon has a particular expertise in rhinoplasty, they will in general be in higher demand for this procedure and the procedure will be more expensive
  • facility fees: if your surgeon operates in an accredited top-notch facility, the facility fees that are more expensive will be included in the total cost of your procedure
  • anesthesia: if the procedure is performed under general anesthesia for increased comfort
  • the experience of the surgeon: if your surgeon performs rhinoplasty on a regular basis and has a accumulated of thousands of cases, the price will generally be more expensive than a surgeon who is just starting out
  • concurrent breathing surgery (septoplasty, turbinate surgery, functional rhinoplasty): if you have trouble breathing at the same time and this needs to be corrected using some of these techniques, the surgery will generally be more complex and take longer. Fortunately, these procedures are covered by RAMQ, therefore, surgeons that participate in the public health insurance will not charge you additional fees for this, even if the surgery is longer
  • newer technologies like ultrasonic rhinoplasty: the latest technologies used in the operating room have an additional cost

How much do you charge for surgery to improve breathing?

Surgery to improve breathing can be either turbinate reduction, septoplasty, or functional rhinoplasty (septorhinoplasty or nasal valve repair). Functional rhinoplasty (for breathing) is covered under the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.

Therefore patients are not charged any additional fees for functional surgeries performed at the hospital, or for functional components of surgeries performed at the private surgical center.

We do not spend additional time changing the shape of the nose during breathing surgery. That would be called cosmetic rhinoplasty. However, very often, breathing surgery can alter the shape of the nose. If you have trouble breathing, and you are preoccupied by the shape of your nose and actively want to change it, a combined septorhinoplasty would be the best choice for you. However, there are fees for cosmetic surgery as this is not covered by RAMQ.

Before and after photos of rhinoplasty

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