Where do you see patients?

We see patients at Clinique Face MD in Westmount. Founded in 2020 by Dr. Moubayed, the clinic is dedicated to evaluating and treating cosmetic conditions of the face and neck in a modern and safe environment. A full-time staff comprised of a head nurse, a surgical coordinator and an administrative assistant is dedicated to serving you. The clinic was specifically designed exclusively for the face and harbors the most complete service offering for the face and neck, as technologies, injectables, and local anesthesia/sedation procedures are performed on site.

Where do you perform general anesthesia cases?

To maximize his patients’ security and comfort, Dr. Moubayed chooses to operate his private patients at Westmount Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery, which is a surgical center located in the same building as Clinique Face MD. It is an ultra-modern private clinic, at the cutting edge of technology and an incredible attention to detail. He would himself undergo surgery there without any hesitation.

The clinic is equipped with two modern operating rooms, a recovery room, and exceptional personnel.

westmount aesthetic cosmetic surgery

Westmount Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery

What are the strengths of your private surgical center?

  • High-tech cutting-edge equipment
  • Aseptic and ultra-safe environment
  • Attentive pre and postoperative care
  • Proximity to the large highways (Highways 15, 13, and 440)
  • Accredited by Accreditation Canada
Accrediation Canada

The surgical center is accredited by Accreditation Canada

Where are the clinic and surgical center located?

Clinique Face MD
245 Victoria, Suite 10
Westmount QC
H3Z 2M5

Westmount Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery
245 Victoria, Suite 300
Westmount QC
H3Z 2M5

How do I contact Dr. Moubayed for a consultation?

  • Drop files here or